Op-ed: The 6 Gay Men Who Are Changing the World

We may joke about the nightmarish men we encounter out in the world, but there are also a lot of gay guys making the world a better place.



The Artist
The rainbow would be wasted on the gay community without The Artist to bring the colors together in sweet harmony. He creates tangible beauty with his many tools and immense talent, crafting pieces of splendor that have no price. The Artist has long been a pillar of the gay community, with many in history being heralded in a time when other homosexuals hid in the dark. His talent can manifest in many forms, but the artistic inclination of this gay man is undeniable. Today, he continues to inspire all of those around him with his vision for a more beautiful world. And thankfully, even if you can’t draw a straight line or tell your blues from your greens, the spirit of The Artist can still be found.  

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