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Don Gorton Has Side of What Happened When Mitt Romney Scuttled His Bullying Report

Op-ed: Mitt Romney Versus My Bullying Report

Attorney Don Gorton tells the personal story of why he wouldn’t let the Romney administration in Massachusetts scuttle a state report on bullying prevention.

Mitch Mayne Praises a New Way Out of Danger for Mormon Youth

Op-ed: A Way Out of Danger for Mormon Youth

Mitch Mayne shares what had him tearfully mourning for his mother while alone in a conference room at the Family Acceptance Project.

Dan Bucatinsky Has an Idea for Hallmark and For Gay Dads Everywhere

Op-ed: Dear Hallmark, I’ve Got an Idea

Learn about the pitfalls of sharing Father’s Day from Dan Bucatinsky, the author of Does This Baby Make Me Look Straight?

Confession of an Evangelical Mom

Op-ed: Confession of an Evangelical Mom

Shari Johnson knows she can never take back the words she said when daughter, Cholene, came out at age 37. But her new book shows change is possible.

David Stalling Wonders If God Hates His Underwear

Op-ed: God May Hate My Underwear, But Does He Hate Me?

Follow one writer’s investigation into whether the Bible says God hates him for being gay.

A Father Talks About Fighting Bullying After Losing His Son to Suicide

Op-ed: After Devastating Loss, a Father Fights Bullying

Steve Fehr lost his son to suicide on New Year’s Day and is working now to help kids see beyond the bullying.

Evan Hurst Says It Matters That a Tennessee County Party Endorsed Marriage

Op-ed: Why It Matters What One Tennessee County Party Does

The Shelby County Democratic Party in Tennessee has endorsed marriage equality, and Truth Wins Out’s Evan Hurst explains why every voice adds up.

David Rosenblum Says Civil Rights Are Vital to Trans Health

Op-ed: Civil Rights Are Vital to Trans Health

The legal director for the Mazzoni Center, a Philadelphia nonprofit health and wellness organization, says lacking civil rights has physical consequences.

Stephen Macias on Why His LifeCycle Ride Is Like Fighting Back

Op-ed: I’m Not Riding, I’m Fighting Back

A first-time LifeCycle rider (and GM for The Advocate) shares the childhood story that has him channeling terror into love.

Same-Sex Marriage and the Question of a Gay Pre-Nup

Advice: The Gay Pre-Nup Is Real

In this week’s column, Mr. Manners deals with same-sex pre-nups. Yes, with marriage equality comes divorce equality, so be sure to have all the protections the law provides.

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