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Why to Move Beyond DADT We Have to Repeal DOMA

Op-ed: To Move Beyond DADT, Then Repeal DOMA

The demise of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy a year ago has made it all the more clear how same-sex couples are treated by federal law.

Michael Lucas on an Airbrushed Jordan for the Gay Traveler

Op-ed: An Airbrushed Jordan for the Gay Traveler

Last week, The Advocate ran a travel article online that was not just deceptive but potentially dangerous. I feel compelled to respond.  

One Marine Talks About His Dream World Do-Over in a Military Without DADT

Op-ed: A Marine’s Wishful Do-Over in a DADT-less Military

A Marine veteran imagines how life in the military could have been different for him if “don’t ask, don’t tell” had already been repealed.

Oped Islam and LGBT Are Not Mutually Exclusive

Op-ed: Islam and LGBT are Not Mutually Exclusive

Urooj Arshad, a queer Pakistani-born woman, tells us why she devotes her life to helping LGBT Muslim youth.

Mother of Mark Bingham on Eleven Years After September 11 and Why We Are Evolving Well

Op-ed: 9/11 Eleven Years On, We’re Evolving Well

Mark Bingham’s mother sees a world still affected by the events of September 11, but one that is evolving more toward the inclusiveness she says her son would have wanted.

Marketer on How America Subconsciously Evolves on LGBT Rights

Op-ed: How America Subconsciously Evolves

LGBT-targeted marketing is changing the world without it noticing.

Researchers on Hooking Up and HIV When You Are Zero Feet Away

Op-ed: Hooking Up and HIV/AIDS

Two researchers venture to understand how app-based hookups are keeping HIV rates high among young men.

Student on Why Colombia Is Our Movement in Motion

Op-ed: Colombia Is Our Movement in Motion

Student Kristen Thompson found a Colombia that is making legal advances but still needs cultural change.

Craig Thompson on Important Ways of Funding the Fight Against AIDS

Op-ed: A Glamorama Way to Fund the Fight Against AIDS

Few could have imagined that a small fashion show, held in 1982 in the employee cafeteria of a San Francisco Macy’s, would transform the fashion industry into one of the strongest forces in the fig

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