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Essay The Embodiment of a Sensibility

Essay: "The Embodiment of a Sensibility"

The author of In The Living End recounts how his grandmother’s decline into Alzheimer’s made him a man, and helped his family to reconcile.

Oped Does the Obama Administration Support SNDA

Op-ed: Does the Obama Administration Support SNDA?

What advisers such as Valerie Jarrett and Eric Holder say publicly might seem like support for the Student Non-Discrimination Act but actually falls short in an important way, says an ACLU legislative representative.

Advice On Dividing the Bill Not Friendships

Advice: On Dividing the Bill, Not Friendships

Question: I used to throw myself an annual birthday dinner, but I had to suspend it because of hard feelings it was causing among my friends.

OpEd Santorum Is Bad for LGBT Adults Worse for LGBT Youth

Op-Ed: Santorum Is Bad for LGBT Adults, Worse for LGBT Youth 

Would President Rick Santorum put the lives of LGBT youth in even greater jeopardy? Writer Joseph Ward says yes.

Op-ed: In North Carolina, Change We Can Believe In

Equality North Carolina's Jen Jones reflects on President Obama's recent, bold decision to formally oppose the state's odious Amendment One, which voters will decide in less than two months.

Oped Not Your Typical HIV AIDS Support Group

Op-ed: Not Your Typical HIV/AIDS Support Group

Although there were moments when they bonded emotionally during an HIV-positive cruise retreat, Tom Donohue can’t stop thinking about all the time he got to let loose and forget about being HIV-positive.

Remembering the Legacy of a Civil Rights Pioneer

Op-Ed: Remembering the Legacy of a Civil Rights Pioneer

Two current leaders in the fight for human rights and social justice celebrate the life of Civil Rights Movement leader Bayard Rustin.

Oped Why I Stood Up to my School District

Op-ed: Why I Stood Up to My School District

Ebonie Richardson is a 16-year-old lesbian student who challenged the Anoka-Hennepin School District with a lawsuit that just ended with new protections designed to protect students like her from bullying.

Advice What to Wear When It Seems No One Cares Anymore

Advice: What to Wear When It Seems No One Cares Anymore 

Question: I don’t know about you, but it drives me crazy that people in our community don’t dress for the theater anymore.

Oped Father of Fallen Gay Soldier Inspires With Run

Op-ed: Father of Fallen Gay Soldier Inspires With Run 

For the last year, the Wilfahrt family has taken charge of their son’s memory, refusing to assume spectatorship in a society that regards his memory as that of second-class citizen.

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