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Vaughn Walker Commentary

Vaughn Walker's Sexuality Irrelevant

Who a federal judge goes home to has nothing to do with whether he can make a sound, impartial legal decision. 

Michael Lucas on the Israeli Flag at Gay Pride

Israeli Delegation's Shameful Decision at Gay Pride

COMMENTARY: Porn entrepreneur and Advocate columnist Michael Lucas says the removal of the Israeli flag from the Tel Aviv Gay Pride's delegation in Berlin is a symptom of Europe's anti-Semitism.  

The Great Los Angeles Man Hunt

The Great Los Angeles Manhunt

Steve Scott wants to date you — if you're one of the 122 people in Los Angeles County with whom he's compatible. It's not as bad as it sounds. Let him explain.

Irans Crimes Against Humanity

Iran's "Crimes Against Humanity"

Advocate contributor Benjamin Weinthal says the Obama administration needs to take seriously Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's campaign to violently repress sexual minorities.

Ben DeGuzman Navigating Immigration Policies

Navigating Immigration Policies

Ben de Guzman, the codirector of the National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance, says Asian LGBT immigrants to the United States often face insurmountable obstacles.

Jallen Rix Harmful HeteroSupremacy

Harmful Hetero-Supremacy

Author and "ex-gay" survivor Jallen Rix says the damage churches are doing to gay men and women is evident, but little is being done to change things.

A Decade of LGBT Advances Driven by Data

A Decade of Data-Driven Advances

COMMENTARY: From lawsuits, to studies, to dollars spent to enforce “don’t ask, don’t tell,” Brad Sears gives a rundown on the status of LGBT people in America.

Asian in the Library

Asians in the Library

Still reeling from the now-infamous "Asians in the Library" video, Advocate contributor Jimmy Nguyen says the video's racial intolerance should be a loud wake-up call for the LGBT community.

Zack Rosen Gay Vs Jew

Gay vs. Jew

Advocate contributor Zack Rosen fields his share of gay jokes and Jewish jokes — and tries to find a way to make the stupid people who make them think twice next time.

Jack Ryan Coming Clean After Getting Clean

Coming Clean After Getting Clean

Two years after filming a bareback scene in a gay porn film, Jack Ryan is off drugs, out of porn, and urging people to practice safe sex and not follow his lead.

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