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Oped What the Appropriate Word for This Column

Op-ed: What’s the Appropriate Word for This Column? 

Michael Lucas says he’s tired of consulting the thought police’s official dictionary for which words are offensive and which are politically correct.

An Advocate Response Remembrance of Things Past

Responds: A Politician's Past 

We agree with much of what Frank Rich said, but The Advocate rejects his assertion we “failed to confront” New York governor Andrew Cuomo in a “worshipful cover story” after marriage equality passed.

Advice How to Fight With a Cookie Monster

Advice: How to Fight With a Cookie Monster 

Question: I’ve been reading that the Girl Scouts are taking some big heat from “severe” conservatives like Bob Morris, the Indiana representative, who claims the group is a "radicalized org

Oped Why We Should All Be Against Gay Marriage

Op-ed: Why We Should Be Against "Gay Marriage"

The host of For & Against sees an insidious right-wing agenda in using the phrase “gay marriage” instead of “marriage equality.”

Oped Do They Still Believe They Did Nothing Wrong

Op-ed: Do They Still Believe They Did Nothing Wrong? 

A mother whose son was among a string of suicides in the Anoka-Hennepin school district worries that the superintendent's reaction to a Rolling Stone investigation shows he hasn't learned from mistakes.

Oped Marriage Passes in NJ Legislature What You Can Do

Op-ed: Marriage Passes in N.J. Legislature; What You Can Do

The host of For & Against, Jim Morrison, reacts to the New Jersey legislature's passage of marriage equality with a list of ways regular folks can help make a difference.

Oped Confession From a Pick Up Parent

Op-ed: Confession From a "Pick Up" Parent

Dan Bucatinsky considers the perks and pitfalls of flirting when you're a married and monogamous gay dad.

Oped Marriage Equality Corrects What Stands Against Love

Op-ed: Marriage Equality Corrects What Stands Against Love

Tyler Clementi’s cousin argues that New Jersey needs marriage equality, in part, because it will be easier for LGBT youth to believe it gets better if they aren’t being stripped of recognition for their love.

Advice What If I YouTube My Marriage Proposal

Advice: What If I YouTube My Marriage Proposal? 


Oped Much More Than a TV Show

Op-ed: Much More Than a TV Show 

In The Life Media celebrates 20 years, and the group’s executive director says that although acceptance of LGBT people has spread dramatically since its first show, the need to tell our stories hasn’t gone away.

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