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Adolf Reagan

Adolf Reagan

On the 100th anniversary of Ronald Reagan's birth, read what LGBT rights activist and playwright Larry Kramer had to say about Reagan shortly after his death in 2004.

The Case Against Activism

The Case Against Activism

Is activism becoming a members-only club? contributor Zack Rosen seems to think so — and he thinks it's high time for a change.

Dems in Charlotte No LGBTs Please

The State of LGBTs in Charlotte

Advocate contributor Matt Comer says the Democratic National Convention can do more than bring money to Charlotte. It can shine the spotlight on the city's poor record on LGBT rights.

Ben Patrick Johnson Time for a Farewell to Arms

Time For A Farewell to Arms?

Author and activist Ben Patrick Johnson says the shooting in Tuscon and the violent rhetoric that followed should be a lessons for LGBT people in the fight for marriage equality.

Michael Lucas on Myth of Democracy in Egypt

Democracy in Egypt a Myth?

Porn entrepreneur and Advocate columnist Michael Lucas says the Muslim Brotherhood is poised to fill a Egyptian power vacuum.

A Gay Scandal in Bollywood

A Gay Scandal in Bollywood

COMMENTARY: Parvez Sharma defends groundbreaking gay Indian filmmaker Onir against charges of sexual assault.

It Gets Better For Billy January 25

It Gets Better:

Advocate contributor Michael Anthony moves forward with his It Gets Better–inspired documentary and reconnects with the sister of a high-school crush who took his own life.

Lessons I Have Learned From Oprah

Lessons I've Learned From Oprah

As Oprah prepares to leave her talk show behind and focus on her OWN Network, Jimmy Nguyen looks back on lessons he's learned from the talk show host and how they apply to gay men and women.

Im a White Cisgender Gay Man

Cisgender White Guy = Sorry?

Advocate contributor and editor Zack Rosen is a white, cisgender gay man — and he wants to know if that means he should also be sorry.

Michael Lucas When the Left Attacks

When the Left Attacks

Porn entrepreneur and Advocate columnist Michael Lucas calls out the Left for blaming the Giffords assassination attempt on right-wing rhetoric.

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