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Oped What Makes Him Gay

Op-ed: What Makes Him Gay?

Society’s double standard says that a straight woman who kisses another woman is part of the continuum of her sexuality; but if a straight guy messes around with a man, it’s cause for hasty label-making.

Op-ed: Prop. 8 Hearing Puts Hate (and Incompetence) on Trial

One of America’s preeminent LGBT rights attorneys gives us a spirited rundown of Prop. 8 supporters' feckless arguments at yesterday's Ninth Circuit hearing.

Oped A Changed US State Department

Op-ed: A Changed U.S. State Department 

The United States is a latecomer to international efforts to address anti-LGBT abuses — and the need for our voice has never been more acute, writes Michael Guest, a gay former U.S. ambassador.

Oped Reemerging from the Ruin of Fire Island

Op-ed: Re-emerging from the Ruin of Fire Island

An aggressive and destructive fire last month brings to light how important a club, a neutral-ground nexus, is to any gay community. As one local put it, “Fire Island needs a dance floor.”

Oped Choice for Military Chaplains Not at Odds with Equality

Op-ed: Choice for Military Chaplains Not at Odds With Equality

It’s not religious conservatives who face discrimination, it’s progressives who support same-sex marriage, argues the president of Interfaith Alliance, the Reverend Dr. C. Welton Gaddy.

Advice When Parents Exclude Your Partner on the Holiday Card

Advice: When Parents Exclude Your Partner in Holiday Cards

Question: I’ve been in a relationship and living with my girlfriend for 18 months now.

Oped HRC Corporate Equality Index Transforming American Workplaces

Op-ed: HRC’s Corporate Equality Index Transforming American Workplaces 

Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese makes the case that the group's annual research of corporate practices has helped move the business world toward inclusiveness.

Op Ed Who Killed Allen Gregory

Op-ed: Who Killed ? 

Fox couldn't have picked a better show to cancel: Allen Gregory.

Oped Investigating Porn

Op-ed: Investigating Porn

Kevin Hogan may be fired from his teaching job for having a porn past. But — asks teacher and porn actor Conner Habib — is anyone clear why?

Oped Taking a Lesson from Down Under

Op-ed: Taking a Lesson From Down Under

Based on its research, the Third Way explains why the viral video from Australia would be effective on American airwaves at changing minds in the middle.

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