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Interpreting Families Hilda Solis

Interpreting Families

COMMENTARY: U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis says changes to the Family and Medical Leave Act allowing family leave to anyone who assumes the role of caring for a child aren't just niceties for LGBT families — they're necessities.

Michael Lucas on Madrids Bad Pride

Michael Lucas on Madrid’s Bad Pride 

COMMENTARY: Porn entrepreneur and Advocate columnist Michael Lucas says that removing Israel from Madrid’s gay pride celebration is morally repugnant and politically counterproductive.

Michael Lucas on Europes Trouble with Israel

Michael Lucas: Europe's Trouble with Israel

COMMENTARY: Porn entrepreneur and Advocate columnist Michael Lucas asks if Europe is retroactively justifying the Holocaust through its current indictment of Israel and through actions like Madrid's yanking an Israeli delegation from its Gay Pride events.

In Defense of Charles Djou

In Defense of Charles Djou

COMMENTARY: GOProud's Jimmy LaSalvia says the labeling of newly elected Hawaii congressman Charles Djou as antigay is unfounded and just anther example of liberal bloggers attacking Republican politicians.

Michael Lucas on Russias Struggle to Demonstrate Pride

Michael Lucas on Russia's Pride Struggle

COMMENTARY: Porn entrepreneur and Advocate columnist Michael Lucas explains why Russia does not tolerate demonstrations of gay pride.

Making Homophobia a Thing of the Past

Making Homophobia a Thing of the Past

COMMENTARY: On the International Day Against Homophobia, Council of Europe Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland says discrimination based on sexual orientation should be consigned to the pages of history.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Hiding in Plain Sight

COMMENTARY: George Rekers, an influential peddler of antigay propaganda who has remained largely out of the public eye until this week, is now the poster boy for the harm caused by repression.

Ex Gay Movement Equals Genocide

“Ex-Gay” Movement = Genocide?

“Ex-gay” survivor and Advocate contributor Jallen Rix talks about a new study that compares the actions of the reparative therapy movement to genocide.

Lambda Legal Arizona Law Hurts Us All

Lambda Legal: Arizona Law Hurts Us All

COMMENTARY: The Arizona immigration law is still alive and well...  and dangerous, and Lambda Legal's Jon Davidson and Francisco Dueñas says gays and lesbians need to join the fight.

Town Hall Turns on HRC

HRC in Hot Seat at Town Hall

Advocate correspondent Jason Bellini (pictured) heads to Washington for Michaelangelo Signorile's town hall meeting of LGBT leaders, which quickly became a “gay-on-gay blame game” over "don't ask, don't tell" and ENDA.

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