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Three people were arrested this week for attacking a male couple in Philadelphia, but it’s the lone female suspect being burned at the stake.

September 26 2014 5:03 AM

Dr. H. Adam Ackley recalls the 1980's days where he faced two invisible killers: the deep closet for gay, transgender men and a new, untreatable virus.

September 25 2014 4:36 AM

Two small steps from the federal government could make trips to medical professionals a little more, well, professional.

September 24 2014 5:42 AM

As Amazon's Transparent premieres on streaming devices everywhere, the parents of Jazz, a 13-year-old transgender activist, reflect on the power of media to change the world for the better.

September 24 2014 4:14 AM

Joselyn Mendoza is one of eight women who were arrested last week for protesting outside a Democratic Party event. Here's why she is taking on the president and party leadership.

September 23 2014 5:00 AM

What to do when you don't feel gay enough.

September 23 2014 4:30 AM

Anyone who was worried about what transitioning would do to Jennifer Finney Boylan's family can rest easy.

September 23 2014 4:07 AM