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The Accidental Homo

The Accidental Homo

Project Greenlight star Pete Jones never envisioned his second film as a gay movie, but he managed to make one anyway. Is this progress?

Matthew Broderick

Big Gay Following: Matthew Broderick

Some 25 years after his breakthrough role as a gay teen in Harvey Fierstein’s Torch Song Trilogy, Sarah Jessica Parker's husband dishes on past flops and the gay icons in his life.

Family Trauma

Family Trauma

When her partner was rushed to the hospital with massive bleeding in the brain from an aneurysm, Janice Langbehn and their three kids weren’t allowed to see her until she died

The Object of Our Affection

The Object of Our Affection

Her husband let us down, she won’t support marriage equality, but still we can’t stop dreaming about Hillary. Sean Kennedy sits down with the front-runner for the White House and finds out what’s keeping the romance alive.

Lesbian After Marriage

Jennifer Baumgardner takes a look at the newest acronym in female sexuality and discovers that what a woman wants changes as she does.

By backing Obama, Oprah leaves queers behind

Queen of daytime talk Oprah Winfrey is omnipresent and omnipotent. Her monthly oracle — O, The Oprah Magazine — pontificates the principles of self-help, self-love, and self-giving. Her image floods newsstands. Bookstores stockpile their inventory with her choice for the book of the month. And presidential hopefuls genuflect before her to win voters.

Jasmyne Cannick on Ja Rule

Ja Rule's words hurt the broader community

Blogger and social commentator Jasmyne Cannick challenges rapper Ja Rule to look at the true root of societal problems. Hint: It's not lesbians on MTV.

25 rabbis walk into a room

25 rabbis walk into a room

The Conservative movement’s Committee on Jewish Laws and Standards queers the synagogue by giving nod to gay rabbis and commitment ceremonies

Ocean Grove slaps gays

Ocean Grove slaps gays in the face

New Jersey may have civil unions, but in Ocean Grove a religious group is playing the First Amendment card to deny gay and lesbian couples the right to celebrate their unions in the boardwalk pavilion.

Teresa turns 40

A revolution properly punctuated

An Advocate copy editor delineates her place in the gay rights movement

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