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Force Dems to Work for the Money

To Dems: Work for the Money

Advocate columnist Michelangelo Signorile says if anyone from the DNC tries to tell you that the glass is half full when it comes to the party’s gay rights accomplishments, they’re half-baked.

Preston and Ryan Leslies Tweet Battle


Real World: Back to New Orleans star Preston Charles has a few choice words for his homophobic former roommate, Ryan Leslie.

Michael Lucas Marriage is a Bad Word

Marriage is a Bad Word

COMMENTARY: Porn entrepreneur and Advocate columnist Michael Lucas says that the fight over the word marriage stifles the fight for true equality

GO Proud Marriage or Bust

Marriage or Bust

GOProud Chair Christopher R. Barron says the marriage or bust approach of gay activists leaves little room for other reforms that will reduce discrimination against LGBT couples.

The Preacher Lied

The Preacher Lied

COMMENTARY: Michelangelo Signorile examines the case of Andrew Marin, a lay minister who exploited his lesbian friends to promote himself as a "bridge" between gays and evangelicals. After HRC and others bought into his pitch, his true antigay colors began to shine through.

Closing a Discriminatory Loophole

Closing a Discriminatory Loophole

Attorneys with the National Center for Lesbian Rights examine the U.S. Supreme Court’s Monday decision in Christian Legal Society v. Martinez and its potential impact on faith-based groups that receive public funds yet seek to discriminate against LGBT citizens.

Interpreting Families Hilda Solis

Interpreting Families

COMMENTARY: U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis says changes to the Family and Medical Leave Act allowing family leave to anyone who assumes the role of caring for a child aren't just niceties for LGBT families — they're necessities.

Michael Lucas on Madrids Bad Pride

Michael Lucas on Madrid’s Bad Pride 

COMMENTARY: Porn entrepreneur and Advocate columnist Michael Lucas says that removing Israel from Madrid’s gay pride celebration is morally repugnant and politically counterproductive.

Michael Lucas on Europes Trouble with Israel

Michael Lucas: Europe's Trouble with Israel

COMMENTARY: Porn entrepreneur and Advocate columnist Michael Lucas asks if Europe is retroactively justifying the Holocaust through its current indictment of Israel and through actions like Madrid's yanking an Israeli delegation from its Gay Pride events.

In Defense of Charles Djou

In Defense of Charles Djou

COMMENTARY: GOProud's Jimmy LaSalvia says the labeling of newly elected Hawaii congressman Charles Djou as antigay is unfounded and just anther example of liberal bloggers attacking Republican politicians.

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