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Are two games better than one?
February 28 2006 12:00 AM ET

Are two games better than one? Editors

Commentary 958 2006-03-14 2006-02-28 Are two games better than one? By Bruce C. Steele “Where ya from?” The achingly gruff voice of Harvey Fierstein echoed thro

Harry Hamlin
February 28 2006 12:00 AM ET

Harry Hamlin Editors

One can talk about the “risk” the stars of Brokeback Mountain took in accepting their roles, but for rising star Harry Hamlin in 1982, playing an out gay man in Making Love—and having a full-on love scene with Michael Ontkean—was truly risky. Now that this gay classic is on DVD, we had a chat with the still-smoldering Hamlin.

The relationship miracle worker
February 28 2006 12:00 AM ET

The relationship miracle worker

Neal Broverman

Betty Berzon touched the lives of countless gay men and lesbians as she sought to improve their mental health

Faith of his father
February 27 2006 12:00 AM ET

Faith of his father

John Caldwell

After rural gay activist Nathan Christoffersen’s sudden death, a fundamentalist funeral erased his sexuality. But his passing is having an unexpected effect: bridging the gap between gay and antigay—beginning with Nathan’s own father. Part 1 of a two-part special report on religion and homophobia

Why gay rights are good for China
February 16 2006 12:00 AM ET

Why gay rights are good for China Editors

China has more to gain from embracing gay rights than any other country in the world—for the sake of sheer practicality

Hollywood's straight jacket
February 16 2006 12:00 AM ET

Hollywood's straight jacket

Jerome Cleary

Heath and Jake deserve their Oscar noms, but where are the kudos for gay actors playing straight roles?

In a Loving spirit
February 15 2006 12:00 AM ET

In a Loving spirit Editors

An open letter to the African-American community on marriage equality for same-sex couples

Where was the gay mafia when I needed a hit
February 14 2006 12:00 AM ET

Where was the gay mafia when I needed a hit?

Jack Kenny

The creator of NBC’s short-lived The Book of Daniel wonders why his fellow gays and lesbians didn’t fight back when the American Family Association attacked him

Best elk hunting movie?
February 14 2006 12:00 AM ET

Best Elk Hunting Movie?

David Stalling

A gay outdoorsman in Missoula, Mont., starts a Brokeback Mountain thread in a chat room for bow-hunting conservatives—but will he find common ground?

Peter Guber
February 14 2006 12:00 AM ET

Peter Guber Editors

Peter Guber knows the movie business like no one else. In the 1980s he produced smash hits like Flashdance and Batman. In the early 1990s he ran Sony’s Columbia Pictures, overseeing A Few Good Men and Philadelphia. Still a producer, Guber also now hosts the Hollywood talk show Sunday Morning Shootout on AMC along with Variety editor Peter Bart. So what does Guber think of the Brokeback Mountain phenom? Is it repeatable? If so, what’s next?

The Brokeback Mountain effect
February 13 2006 12:00 AM ET

The Brokeback Mountain effect Editors

The historic cultural success of Brokeback Mountain owes much to the film’s quality and emotional power—and a little to George W. Bush and the antigay Right. But can a movie advance gay equality?

The city and the mountain
February 13 2006 12:00 AM ET

The city and the mountain Editors

Commentary 957 2006-02-28 2006-02-13 The city and the mountain By Bruce C. Steele It’s unprecedented, this new gay movie that’s all the talk. It’s a same

Catherine Deneuve
February 13 2006 12:00 AM ET

Catherine Deneuve Editors

Terms like “diva” and “style icon” get bandied about far too freely. But one legend who deserves both labels is Catherine Deneuve—actress, muse, and fashion goddess. The fabulous face of Deneuve, 62, graces a stunning new line of cosmetics from MAC. During a recent visit to a Los Angeles MAC boutique, she shared some dish.