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Taxes and gift giving
March 27 2005 1:00 AM ET

Taxes and gift giving Editors

A recent article in the print edition of The Advocate inadvertently misrepresented tax options for same-sex couples with widely divergent incomes: In fact, one partner cannot shelter income by giving to the other. An attorney who specializes in tax issues and estate planning straightens out the facts.

Weight Watchers Equality
March 16 2005 1:00 AM ET

Weight Watchers Equality

Chad Graham

Enough with the far right’s efforts in 2005 to destroy the rights that GLBT America has earned. Here’s how to get straight people on our side to help fight for equality—a little help from British royalty.

Conservatives off the deep end
March 01 2005 1:00 AM ET

Conservatives off the deep end

Jim David

Right-wingers and family values vultures, newly drunk with power, are reaching a level of hypocritical hysteria that makes last year’s Janet Jackson breast brouhaha seem like a tempest in a C cup

The gay agenda revealed!
February 22 2005 1:00 AM ET

The gay agenda revealed!

Charles Karel Bouley II

We know there’s an antigay agenda: They want us gone, period. But a “gay agenda”? Can we all even agree on anything? Yes. In fact, the gay agenda is familiar to every schoolchild: liberty and justice for all

Keyes follows Cheney s lead
February 18 2005 1:00 AM ET

Keyes follows Cheney’s lead

Marc Paige

Two families missing from a new PFLAG campaign about loving your GLBT relatives are those of “family values” politicians Alan Keyes and Dick Cheney: Keyes has cut off his daughter, Maya, while Cheney supports policies that heap shame on his daughter Mary. So much for right-wing Christian love.

Defining the movement for same-sex marriage
February 15 2005 1:00 AM ET

Defining the movement for same-sex marriage

Irene Monroe

Many LGBT African-Americans are resisting the urge to equate the struggle for gay equality with the struggle for racial equality. It’s not too late for everyone to find a common ground.

Dyke eye for the L Word girl
February 11 2005 1:00 AM ET

Dyke eye for the L Word girl

Stephanie Fairyington

Do lesbians have to conform to stereotypes fitting gay males--fat-free bodies, designer clothes, aggressive sexuality--to win media visibility? Why are the women of The L Word and Queer Eye so Birkenstock-free?

In the grip of gay panic
February 10 2005 1:00 AM ET

In the grip of gay panic Editors

What do the murderers of gay men have in common with the White House? An aggressive strategy to justify their own selfish actions by devaluing the lives of gay men and lesbians. And we have no one but ourselves to blame

Ask not for whom homophobia tolls
February 07 2005 1:00 AM ET

Ask not for whom homophobia tolls Editors

The poison that flows from diminishing gay and lesbian lives, as the president did again last week, sickens everyone in our society. It’s contingent upon all of us to join together to free our country from this evil.

Gay vets’ benefits at risk?
February 01 2005 1:00 AM ET

Gay vets’ benefits at risk?

Lara Ballard

As many as a million gay and lesbian veterans depend on the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for health care—including many who can’t get HIV/AIDS care anywhere else. It’s reason enough for GLBT activists to keep an eye on the Bush administration’s coming cutbacks

Love After Meth
January 31 2005 1:00 AM ET

Love After Meth

Joe Okonkwo

Crystal meth devastates the lives of guys next door as well as the men who love them. Andrew NiCastro and his partner, Patrick Bristow, come forward to tell how they’ve outlasted the nightmare -- so far

We need another hero
January 24 2005 1:00 AM ET

We need another hero

Neal Broverman

With all the advancements being made in regard to GLBT equality, we still don’t have any openly gay showbiz heroes

Our path forward
January 07 2005 1:00 AM ET

Our path forward

Cheryl Jacques

The recently departed head of the Human Rights Campaign quotes Martin Luther King and Susan B. Anthony to argue that the gay rights movement should stay the course in fighting for full equality—including marriage rights.