Pennsylvania Man Says His Family Is Targeted in Hate Attacks Because His Daughter Is Lesbian

John Namey’s family is being routinely targeted by hateful attackers and he believes it is because his teenage daughter is openly lesbian.



John Namey, a man from Sarver, Pennsylvania, woke up on July 5 to find a swastika had been burned into the grass of his front lawn, reports WPXI Channel 11.

“It's a hateful thing. There is no place for that in this world, but unfortunately some people thrive on putting others down,” Namey told WPXI.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Namey’s family has been the target of a hateful attack. A few days earlier, his stepson’s truck had been vandalized. Coins were super glued to the hood in the form of a derogatory image and pink paint had been splattered over the vehicle. Namey believes the reason his family is being routinely targeted is because his 16-year-old daughter is an out lesbian and has also been targeted in school as a result.

The crimes are now being investigated by the Buffalo Township police and the FBI has offered their assistance as well.

Namey described his family’s attackers as “ignorant and uneducated” and had a message for anyone who would attack another person because they are different. “Grow up. Let people be who they are,” Namey said. “Don't judge people based on race or sexual orientation. Everybody is different. Just let people live their lives and be happy.”

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