The owner of Pulse is among those expected to help lead Sunday's march, which coincides with the one year anniversary of the marriage equality ruling by the Supreme Court.

June 24 2016 12:03 AM

While not dismissing or confirming reports the Orlando gunman had engaged in same-sex relationships, the A.G. declared "this was clearly an act of terror and an act of hate."

June 21 2016 10:35 PM

The man told Univision that Omar Mateen's motive was not "terrorism" but rather a revenge attack on Puerto Ricans. 

June 21 2016 9:00 PM Updated

Anti-LGBT, racist trolls continue to come out of the woodwork to criticize LGBT people and call for more of their murders.

June 21 2016 4:40 PM

Your help is desperately needed.

June 21 2016 12:58 PM

One reporter called the shootings "not only a shock here but a rupture, a tear in Orlando’s protective bubble through which its queer community can now see the cruelties of the rest of the country."

June 21 2016 3:13 AM

The comedian has shown more wisdom than many lawmakers.

June 20 2016 10:40 PM