The crowdfunding campaign's success shows that "love and compassion will and must prevail," says an Equality Florida staffer.

June 13 2016 8:50 PM

Florida men say they were messaged by Omar Mateen on gay dating apps, and that the shooter had been a regular at Pulse.

June 13 2016 8:36 PM Updated

Writer and trans activist Hannah Simpson expands on the advice that got cheers outside the Stonewall.

June 13 2016 5:33 PM

After slamming the president's immigration policy, Donald Trump said Hillary Clinton "wants to allow radical islamic terrorists to enter our country... they enslave women and they murder our gays." 

June 13 2016 4:07 PM Updated

A journalist walked off TV when the anchor wouldn't acknowledge it was an anti-LGBT attack.

June 13 2016 2:43 PM

James Comey told reporters the killer had been investigated twice since 2013, but there was insufficient evidence to charge the 29-year-old security guard with a crime.

June 13 2016 2:38 PM Updated

The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee spoke about the massacre in Florida at a rally in Cleveland, where Republicans meet to choose their nominee next month.

June 13 2016 2:29 PM