News from within the borders of Dallas in Texas and the fight for equality there. Past and present challenges in Dallas include hate crimes law, transgender rights, adoption, and other rights denied to same-sex couples. The state of Texas has been a national battleground in the struggle for LGBT equality, including the case Lawrence v. Texas, a landmark decision by the U.S. Supreme Court that struck down sodomy laws. The city is also the focus of the Dallas Buyers Club, a film starring Matthew McConaughey about the real-life story of an HIV drug smuggling ring in Texas.

A 29-year-old man was peppered with homophobic statements as he was hit with fists, feet, and a bat.

September 22 2015 2:19 PM

As a Dallas man who confessed to killing his trans Latina partner walks away with only probation, relatives, friends, and allies question whether trans lives matter in Texas.

September 16 2015 11:46 AM

The body of Shade Schuler turned up weeks ago in Dallas, but her remains were difficult to identify.

August 13 2015 8:17 AM

Businesses are snapping up signs with an LGBT-friendly slogan, made available by a local gay group.

August 11 2015 9:50 PM

With the advent of marriage equality, a newly formed right-wing group warns Texans their churches, schools, and businesses will be forced to accept and celebrate 'anal sex.'

July 17 2015 6:59 PM

A national group that works to combat violence is speaking out on this week's fatal beating of Ricky Griffin in Dallas.

June 25 2015 5:02 PM

Mike Rawlings, previously reluctant to join the fight, banded with mayors from cities large and small in filing a pro-equality brief with the Supreme Court.

8:00 AM

The police have not pursued hate-crime charges in the incident, which involved antigay slurs and assault.

January 15 2015 3:26 PM

It wasn't all bad news for LGBT Texans Tuesday night — residents of Dallas will now be protected by a more robust nondiscrimination ordinance.

November 05 2014 4:25 PM

When the NFL's regular season kicked off on Thursday, it was a little more openly gay than ever before — but not because of Michael Sam.

September 06 2014 1:43 PM