A Day in Gay America

A Day in Gay America

Our second annual reader-generated photo project is incontrovertible proof that we are everywhere.




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 6:20PM Grand Canyon, Ariz. (above left) Julio Rocha sets up his tent on the edge of a plateau after a nine-mile hike around the backcountry of the Grand Canyon.

6:40PM Greenbelt, Md. (above right) Lori (left) and Sarah Libes play with their 2-year-old son, Miles, after dinner. “We’re hoping he will wear himself out before bedtime,” Lori says.

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6:59PM East Hampton, N.Y. (above left) John Feinblatt (right), chief policy adviser to New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, and his husband, New York City consumer affairs commissioner Jonathan Mintz, with their two daughters.

7:01PM Somerville, Mass. (above right) Jonathan Hinkle (right) is moving to Ithaca, N.Y., with his boyfriend, John McDonald, who is gearing up to work on his Ph.D. at Cornell University.


 7:13PM Charlotte, N.C. (above left) Activist Loan Tran spends a quiet moment in a newly decorated bedroom. “It’s much cozier now, because I can look over and see all of the stuff I’m fond of,” Tran says.

7:15PM Boston (above right) Every year, Stephanie (right) and Melanie go to Boston’s Shakespeare on the Park festival. This year’s show was All’s Well That Ends Well.

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7:20PM Milwaukee (above left) Daniel Schmidt and Mark Berry, partners for 17 years, married for three, enjoy cocktails and dinner outside at one of their favorite restaurants.

7:30PM Lincoln, Neb. (above right) Amanda Bergeron-Bauer receives her master’s degree with her wife and son by her side. “I couldn’t have earned either degree without her love and support,” she says.

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8:01PM Glendale, N.Y. (above) Nicole Rivera spends the evening at the mall with her family after dinner.