A Day in Gay America

Another Day at the Office for Gay America

Working for a living is the great equalizer. Your photos show that we have stereotype-busting careers.



9:40 p.m., New York City: It's Friday night in the OutQ studio at SiriusXM Radio in Rockefeller Center. Derek and Romaine Show hosts Romaine Patterson and Derek Hartley take a break from the show to chat with one of the evening's guests: Richard Lawson from The Atlantic Wire.


10:37 p.m., Phoenix: Web designer Bily Foster tells us, "Here is where I spend my day, working to make the Web pretty! From here I work with people from around the world helping them with websites, tech problems just about anything that comes up. I also do a little podcast called 'That iPad Guy' where I talk about tech. On the screen you'll see pictures of my new hubby. We just came back from getting married in New York. And yes, it is Bily with one L because growing up I got the L beat outta me."