A Day in Gay America

November 9, 2012

An amazing assortment of images came in from our readers as part of "A Day in Gay America." From silly and creative, to meaningful and heartfelt, this is what you were doing on November 9, 2012.



4:30 p.m., Seattle: Melissa Downs (left) with her partner, Louise, and their handsome son, Diego, ready to meet up with some friends for dinner.


4:43 p.m., Los Angeles: "Finished rewrites to my next film (which begins shooting in 3 weeks), Birthday Cake. The film is the sequel to our award-winning short film, Groom's Cake, which has won Best Short Film at festivals all over the country." — Chad Darnell


4:52 p.m., Salt Lake City: Assistant stage manager Ashley Willingham gets her side of the stage ready for showtime. It's opening night for the University of Utah's 'Tis Pity She's a Whore.


5:17 p.m., New York City: Judy Evans sends us this picture of the lending library at the SAGE Center, the country's first full-time LGBT senior center.


5:21 p.m., San Francisco: Gay.net editor Jase Peeples has just another average Friday with one of his best friends.