A Day in Gay America

November 9, 2012

An amazing assortment of images came in from our readers as part of "A Day in Gay America." From silly and creative, to meaningful and heartfelt, this is what you were doing on November 9, 2012.



6:10 p.m., Pasadena, Calif.: "This is an ordinary night for us — my partner working on letters with our 2-year-old." —Trystan Reese


6:44 p.m., Palm Beach, Fla.: Casey Carlson and his boyfriend get ready to watch a movie.


6:29 p.m., Oakland, Mich.: Brandon Harrison tells us, "I'm a normal guy with a normal job. I work at the Boys & Girls Club. I love working with kids. I do more than just secretarial work; I help where I am needed. I contribute to tomorrow's adults. I have a helping hand in making sure that when those kids walk into the 'real' world, that they are great adults, better than the ones of today. I make a difference in the world for the better, contrary to popular belief. Whoever said a gay man can't do that, especially with children, was obviously mistaken."


6:30 p.m., San Francisco: Soniyah Singh of Finding Bliss, a gay matchmaking service, and J.P. Leddy, sales manager, CFO Rick Inc., an accounting firm. We're networking with other LGBT business leaders at the Vitality Forum at San Francisco's W Hotel.


6:30 p.m., Houston: Kevin Ramirez checks the purity of his crystals before he tries to purify them again at the University of Houston chemistry research labs.