A Day in Gay America

November 9, 2012

An amazing assortment of images came in from our readers as part of "A Day in Gay America." From silly and creative, to meaningful and heartfelt, this is what you were doing on November 9, 2012.



7:28 p.m., Phoenix.: Mark, Joy and Donnie Larson, our family. We've raised Joy, Mark's biological daughter, since she was 2. This was her birthday party at our home.


7:30 p.m., Honolulu, Hawaii: Amanda Clifford with her pregnant partner and their 2-year-old, Tallulah.


7:36 p.m., Broken Arrow, Okla.: From musician Eric Himan — "Here is a picture of me with my new in-laws (father, mother, brother, and sister in-law) for a Friday night family dinner. My partner, Ryan, and I were married in Tulsa (after 7-1/2 years together) this past August, and the wedding really healed and brought the family together. Ryan and I were especially honored when asked to be the godparents of our beautiful niece, Peyton (9 months), who I am holding. It's the simple things that make me feel part of this great family."


7:50 p.m., San Francisco: Chef Josie Malave in the kitchen at the Parkside, San Francisco.


7:53 p.m., Asheville, N.C.: Working on planning for Transgender Day of Remembrance, activists Benjamin Baechler and Basil Soper sort through stories to share at a public event memorializing and honoring victims of violence against trans people.