A Day in Gay America

November 9, 2012

An amazing assortment of images came in from our readers as part of "A Day in Gay America." From silly and creative, to meaningful and heartfelt, this is what you were doing on November 9, 2012.



10 p.m., New York City:
Turandot: O padre augusto, Ora conosco il nome dello straniero, il suo nome è. . . Amore!
Calaf: è Amore, è Amore, è Amore.
(Gianantonio Corna at the Metropolitan Opera)


10:37 p.m., Phoenix: Web designer Bily Foster tells us, "Here is where I spend my day, working to make the Web pretty! From here I work with people from around the world helping them with websites, tech problems just about anything that comes up. I also do a little podcast called 'That iPad Guy' where I talk about tech. On the screen you'll see pictures of my new hubby. We just came back from getting married in New York. And yes, it is Bily with one L because growing up I got the L beat outta me."


10:50 p.m., Miami: Aidyn Scott does some last-minute shaving before his first "No Shave November" since starting on testosterone injections.


10:55 p.m., Hamden, Conn.: Alexander Kriz and his boyfriend get in gnome drag. Looks fun.


11 p.m., Richmond, Va.: Wesley Meredith sends a group picture of his friends and boyfriend before they head out for the night's shenanigans.