These Couples Prove Love Is Love

The annual Day in LGBT America project shows one 24-hour period of our lives. The right wing will find we're not scary. And neither is our love.



2 p.m. Kaylay Nickens says it's just a typical day of instrumentation at Tennessee State University Dental Hygiene Clinic, Nashville.

2:30 p.m. Jennifer Zondervan married the love of her life in Oahu.

3:15 p.m. In Seaside Heights, N.J., Kevin and Don Norte camp it up as "friends of Dorothy," as they pose for a photo at Lucky Leo's on the Boardwalk. The couple, from Los Angeles, fell in love at the Jersey Shore when they were 16, and returned to visit family and friends and to help keep JERSEY STRONG and celebrate marriage equality in the Garden State now that New Jersey recognizes same-sex marriages.