WATCH: First of 'Seven Sisters' Schools to Admit Trans Women
September 03 2014 12:11 PM ET

First 'Seven Sisters' School Now Admits Trans Women

Mitch Kellaway

'We must acknowledge that gender identity is not reducible to the body,' say Mt. Holyoke College officials of their historic decision to welcome applications from all trans students.

7 Brave Campuses for LGBT Students in the South
September 02 2014 9:00 AM ET

7 Brave Campuses for LGBT Students in the South

Campus Pride

Here are seven schools where students across the South rabble-roused their way to a better campus.

Calif. Women's College Makes Trans-Inclusive History
August 27 2014 1:31 PM ET

This Women's College Just Made Trans-Inclusive History

Parker Marie Molloy

In a historic move, one California college has adopted an explicitly trans-inclusive admissions policy, making it the only school to do so among the nation's 119 single-sex college programs.

2014 List Of Top LGBT Schools Includes More Southern And Religious Campuses
August 15 2014 11:13 AM ET

Did Your School Make The List of Top LGBT Colleges?

Michelle Garcia

Campus Pride's annual index of LGBT-friendly colleges and universities has expanded this year to show the improvements of more schools across the country.

Blogger Loses Job to Homophonia
August 04 2014 5:39 PM ET

Blogger Loses Job to Homophonia

Trudy Ring

The owner of a Utah language school worried that a blog post on homophones — words that sound alike but are spelled differently — would bring up associations with homosexuality.

WATCH: Trans Girl's Discrimination Sparks Change in Catholic School Policy
July 24 2014 6:03 PM ET

WATCH: Victory for Trans Girl Discriminated Against by Catholic School

Mitch Kellaway

In response to 11-year-old Tracey Wilson's human rights complaint, Vancouver's schools have become more open to trans students — though some say support doesn't go far enough.

Christian Univ. Adjusts, Stands By Discriminatory Trans Housing Policy
July 21 2014 2:36 PM ET July 22 2014 1:33 PM ET

Christian Univ. Adjusts, Stands By Trans Housing Policy

Parker Marie Molloy

George Fox University will now allow students who have undergone specific gender-confirming surgeries to be housed in accordance with their gender. Others will be housed according to their sex assigned at birth.

WATCH: Disowned by Family, Pansexual College Student Crowdfunds Her Tuition
July 16 2014 3:27 PM ET

Disowned Pansexual Student Crowdfunds Her Tuition

Eliel Cruz

After Kate Koenig's family learned that she was pansexual and dating a transgender man, they cut her off financially, just one semester into her college career.

Fired Gay Teacher Gets His Apology — 42 Years Later
July 14 2014 6:57 PM ET

Fired Gay Teacher Finally Gets Apology

Daniel Reynolds

Jim Gaylord was fired for being gay back in 1972. This week he received an apology from his former school district.

Department of Education Offers Antitrans University a 'Religious Exemption'
July 11 2014 3:18 PM ET

DOE Offers Antitrans University "Religious Exemption"

Parker Marie Molloy

An Oregon Christian university has been granted a 'religious exemption' from certain aspects of Title IX, allowing it to discriminate against a trans student.

Congresspeople Urge Dept. of Ed. to Issue Comprehensive Trans Student Guidelines
July 01 2014 5:10 PM ET

These Lawmakers Want to Make School Safer for Trans Kids

Parker Marie Molloy

In a letter sent last month, three members of Congress urged the Education Department to clarify an April statement related to how trans and gender-nonconforming students are protected by Title IX.

June 18 2014 2:10 PM ET

California School District Wins Battle For Equality in Girls' Sports

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 Girls at a middle school in Pasadena won't be relegated to only cheering for the boys now.