Bullied Calif. Boy Commits Suicide

Bullied Calif. Boy Commits Suicide

Ronin Shimizu was teased by schoolmates for being a cheerleader, which they said made him "gay."

Trans Teen Wins $75K in School Restroom Discrimination Lawsuit

Trans Teen Wins $75K in Landmark School Discrimination Suit

After a five-year battle that started in elementary school, Nicole Maines will be leaving a lasting legacy for all trans students as she graduates high school.

Obama Administration Endorses Trans-Inclusive School Policies

Obama's Dept. of Ed. Endorses Trans-Inclusive Schools

Trans advocates are 'thrilled' that the Department of Education has officially answered questions about trans students' access to single-sex school activities and sports.

Op-ed: Whose Job Is It to Make Colleges More Trans-Inclusive?

Op-ed: Whose Job Is It to Make Colleges More Trans-Inclusive?

Administrators tacitly assume trans students will do the legwork. Trans students demand that uninformed administrators know how to operate without institutional protocols in place. If the two don't talk, one thing is guaranteed: Trans students lose out.

Second Transphobic Ad Hits Press as Minn. Debates Student Athlete Policy

Minn. Paper Publishes Transphobic Ad — Again

The ad is designed to stoke the unfounded fear that transgender athletes will take cisgender (nontrans) girls' places on school teams.

Meet The Trans Teen Who Just Won $25K to Make Schools Trans-Inclusive

Meet The Trans Teen Who Just Won $25K to Make Schools Safer

Inspirational trans organizer Eli Erlick was awarded a Peace First fellowship to continue her important work with Transgender Student Education Resources.

9 Tweets to Celebrate Trans Awareness Week

9 Tweets to Celebrate Trans Awareness Week

See how these trans advocates, students, and allies brought visibility to their trans community members this week.

Photo of 11-Year Old Texas Student Targeted by Antigay Bullies Goes Viral

Photo of 11-Year Old Bullied Student Goes Viral

Fed up with the school district’s inaction to protect her son from antigay bulling on school grounds, one mother took to the Internet to raise awareness of the issue.

Simmons College Opens Its Doors to Trans Students

Which Women's College to Welcome Trans Students?

The Boston school has become the third U.S. women's college to clarify its stance towards trans women and men amidst heated conversations about the future of single-gender institutions.

Op-ed: Dear 'Anonymous' Wellesley Trans Man, Excluding Trans Women Isn't Really About 'Safety'

Op-ed: Excluding Trans Women at Wellesley Isn't About 'Safety'

A trans male Wellesley alum breaks down why the claim that keeping trans women out of colleges is really rooted in "purity" myths and misogyny.

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