REPORT: Civil Rights Group Accuses N.Y. Schools of Illegal Treatment of Trans Students

N.Y.'s Trans Kids Speak Out About 'Torture' In School

The New York Civil Liberties Union says its new report exposes illegal treatment of transgender and gender-nonconforming students throughout the state.

U.K. College Rewrites 650-Year-Old Dress Code to Accommodate Trans Students

College Rewrites 650-Year-Old Dress Code for Trans Students

St. Catharine's College at the University of Cambridge broke with tradition after listening to student campaigners led by trans woman Charlie Northrup.

Colleges Step Up to Help LGBT Students in Need

Colleges Step Up to Help LGBT Students in Need

Some schools have established funds to aid students who face a loss of family financial support after they come out.

Meet the First Out Trans Man to Compete on a U.S. College Men's Swimming Team

Meet First Out Trans Swimmer on a U.S. College Men's Team

Harvard freshman Schulyer Bailar is making waves competing against other swimmers who share his gender identity.

Michigan Lawmaker: Hold Pro-LGBT Schools Liable for Student STDs

Should Pro-LGBT Schools Be Held Liable for STDs?

Antigay State Rep. Gary Glenn wants schools who tell students it is okay to be gay held financially and criminally liable if the student contracts an STD.

Teacher and Assistant Principal Resign After Parent Outrage Over Gay Fairy Tale

Sad, Scary Ending After Teacher Reads Gay Fairy Tale to Class

A teacher and his assistant principal felt they could no longer count on administrators to support them after outraged parents objected to the reading of King & King.

Wisc. Trans Teacher Dies by Suicide After Being Bullied for 10 Years

Wisconsin Trans Teacher Remembered as Victim of Bullying

A Milwaukee mother is speaking out about the decade of mistreatment her daughter allegedly faced, saying she had no support from school administration.

Pride Event Will Go on at Israeli University After All

Israeli School: 'Stupid' to Compare Pride to Pedophilia 

A university spokesman says he was 'stupid' for comparing homosexuality to pedophilia.

ACLU Sues Virginia School Board Over Trans-Exclusionary Restroom Policy

Va. School Board Sued Over Transgender Bathroom Policy

The Gloucester County School Board's requirement that trans students use only single-stall restrooms is unconstitutional, the ACLU argues.

Israeli University Bans Pride Celebration

Israeli University Bans Pride Celebration

A university in Tel Aviv is under fire for canceling a Pride event and suggesting students should hold an event offering psychological counseling instead.

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