#TrumpBookReport and other new hashtags were born as JK Rowling, George Takei and the twitterverse added their perspectives.

October 20 2016 12:49 AM

That was the most shocking moment of Wednesday's presidential debate, among many.

October 20 2016 12:21 AM Updated

In what may have been the most significant clash in the final presidential debate, Donald Trump revealed on election night he will keep Americans "in suspense," and Hillary Clinton fired back.

October 19 2016 11:22 PM

The first question of the final debate puts the presidential candidates on the spot about how they will approach the Supreme Court, and the big issues before the justices.

October 19 2016 10:47 PM

Live-stream and see what will come up between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

October 19 2016 8:36 PM

Michael Moore's TrumpLand was made in 11 days.

October 19 2016 7:41 PM

It's almost too cute. 

October 19 2016 1:05 PM