Fiona Dawson

The latest news about Fiona Dawson, the transgender military veteran. Dawson produces and hosts the show Who the F Cares? Fiona Dawson also served as a producer for the documentar TransMilitary, a six-part new media series, documenting the real-life stories of transgender soldiers, who are prohibited by military regulation from serving their country in their authentic gender. The project also addresses the challenge of serving "stealth" in the U.S. armed forces, in constrast to the U.K., a close American ally that has permitted trans people to serve openly in the military since 1999.
WATCH: 'TransMilitary' Documentary Seeks to End Trans Service Ban

WATCH: TransMilitary Documentary Seeks to End Trans Service Ban

Transgender military veteran and activist Allyson Robinson has joined a new documentary project that hopes to raise awareness about the ban on open military service by trans Americans.

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