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It's not too late to keep that "get fit" New Year's resolution. You just might need some new software.

January 16 2013 7:00 AM

Like hip-hop or Krav Maga? A fan of Real Housewives or Biggest Loser? There's a workout DVD for you.

January 11 2013 5:00 AM

 Developed for use in police officer fitness training, the CrossFit workout technique is popping up in gyms and stand-alone studios around the world, and is now being used by many fire departments and law enforcement agencies — and the Royal Danish Life Guards.

“The functional movements you do at CrossFit are things you do every day. You’re not walking around doing a leg extension or a dumbbell fly in real life,” says Ty Vincent, a coach at CrossFit Hollywood in Los Angeles. “But a dead lift, you do that whenever you drop your keys.”

July 07 2011 4:00 AM