Comic-Con Highlights
August 15 2013 1:59 PM ET

LGBT Highlights From Comic-Con International 2013

Jacob Anderson-Minshall

Advocate contributor Jacob Anderson-Minshall recounts a few of his favorite moments from the 2013 pop culture extravaganza.

PHOTOS: The Costumes of Comic-Con 2013
July 23 2013 3:00 AM ET

PHOTOS: The Costumes of Comic-Con

Jase Peeples

From the incredible to the absurd, take a look at some of our favorite fan costumes from the 2013 pop culture extravaganza.

Your Queer Guide to Comic-Con 2013
July 17 2013 3:08 AM ET

Your Queer Guide to Comic-Con

Jacob Anderson-Minshall

Everything LGBT that geek girls, fan boys, and the Hollywood elite will learn this week in San Diego.

June 18 2013 1:19 PM ET

Anderson Cooper, the Comic Book

The silver fox news anchor's bio gets comic book treatment.

June 10 2013 3:52 PM ET

An All-Gay X-Men Dream Team

Marvel's new, minority-led titles inspired a hypothetical dream team slideshow.

May 22 2013 8:00 PM ET

This Gay Superhero Comic Is So Super Duper

View at

The entire 12-issue So Super Duper series is now serving graphic novel realness with a 326-page collected edition.

Same-Sex Kiss in Comic Inspired by Real-World Controversy
May 20 2013 2:55 PM ET

Same-Sex Kiss in Comic Inspired by Real-World Controversy

Trudy Ring

Kevin Keller finds that to some people, a kiss isn't just a kiss when it involves him and his boyfriend.

New Comic Puts Gay Men in the Superhero and Villain Roles
May 01 2013 4:00 AM ET

Comic Casts Gay Men as Superhero, Villain

Jacob Anderson-Minshall

A popular gay Web series has inspired an anthology-style comic collection.

New Sci-Fi Comic Book Embraces Gay Romance
April 22 2013 1:28 PM ET

Which Sci-Fi Comic Has Gay Romance?

Jase Peeples

In the universe of 'Artifice,' gay is the new normal.

April 17 2013 5:30 PM ET

Revisit a Raunchy Gay Comic Strip About College Boys

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Remember the sexy adventures of Billy, Zack and their dorm buddies in Freshman Tailz?

April 05 2013 5:00 PM ET

Jurassic Werk: If Dinosaurs Were Gay Party Boys

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Did homosexuality kill off the dinosaurs? With Jurassic Park back in theaters to commemorate the blockbuster's 20th anniversary, we're chuckling over Gay Dinosaurs Doing It comics.

March 07 2013 1:00 PM ET

Follow a Young Gay Newbie's Great Comic Adventures

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About a month ago, a 25-year-old recently out artist began "chronicling his adventures into the world of the gay" through comic strips. Get a good chuckle at our favorites so far.