PHOTOS: We Asked The Stars, 'Who Is Your Hero?'
December 10 2013 6:30 AM ET

PHOTOS: We Asked The Stars, Who Is Your Hero?

Nicholas Cimarusti

On the night of TrevorLive, which honored Jane Lynch with its Trevor Hero Award, The Advocate asked Kathy Griffin, Jason Collins, Dot-Marie Jones, and more to reveal the heroes that inspire them.

November 08 2013 7:00 PM ET

Glee: Darren Criss In A Loincloth Performing Katy Perry's 'Roar'

On last night's episode of Glee, the men of McKinely High School took on both Lady Gaga and Katy Perry in a head-to-head battle of the two pop stars that ended with a group rendition of Pe

October 30 2013 8:23 PM ET

Alex Newell, Glee's Unique, Gets a Record Deal

He's also starring in Geography Club, the movie opens Nov. 15