How to Finally Quit Smoking

Chiropractic physician and clinical hypnotherapist Scott Lewis offers five tips to help you finally quit your smoking habit for the Gay American Smoke Out.

BY Dr. Scott Lewis

November 15 2012 4:15 AM ET

TIP 2: Set a Doable Quit Date
Once you’ve acknowledged that you do indeed want to be a nonsmoker and have identified your reason or reasons why, it’s important to set a quit date that you can prepare for. While quitting cold turkey is successful for some, many experts advocate setting a specific quit date and allotting time to prepare to become a nonsmoker. It’s also important that your quit date is at a time in your life when you’re not experiencing any unusual amount of stress. Since stress is one of the major factors for relapse in those who have quit, it’s a good idea to set a quit date when you can concentrate on being a nonsmoker.

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