How to Finally Quit Smoking

Chiropractic physician and clinical hypnotherapist Scott Lewis offers five tips to help you finally quit your smoking habit for the Gay American Smoke Out.



TIP 3: Establish Three Agreements
It’s very beneficial to set up three agreements before becoming a nonsmoker. First, if you live with somebody who smokes, it is important that he or she agrees to never offer you a cigarette or leave cigarettes lying around the house (both of which are common causes of relapse). Second, institute the same agreement with coworkers, family members, and friends. The third and most important agreement is with yourself. The most common cause of relapse is accepting a cigarette that is offered to you. It is imperative that you make the agreement with yourself to never “have just one” cigarette or accept a cigarette that is offered to you once you have become a nonsmoker.

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