How to Finally Quit Smoking

Chiropractic physician and clinical hypnotherapist Scott Lewis offers five tips to help you finally quit your smoking habit for the Gay American Smoke Out.



TIP 5: Understand the Nature of Cravings
 Cravings are natural, and it is likely that, even as a nonsmoker, you will continue to have cravings. Many people mistakenly think that once they quit smoking they will never have another craving again (and that if they do, they have failed at being a nonsmoker). Because smoking is both a physical and a psychological addiction, many psychological triggers (e.g., boredom, depression, habit, celebration) will remain even after you have become a nonsmoker. The key to handling these cravings is understanding that they are natural. We still go through a wide variety of emotions. Simply experiencing these cravings doesn’t mean that we have failed in our attempt to quit smoking, nor do we have to engage in the habit. The American Lung Association has a useful saying: “The urge will pass whether I smoke or not.”

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