Drew Khandi, the Vegan Next Door

Gay singer and restaurant manager Drew Khandi is standing up for cows, one vegan quesadilla at a time.



What is one misconception about vegans that people should drop?
That it's hard to be vegan outside of major cities. Chipotle now offers vegan options across the country, along with Taco Bell, and not to mention Johnny Rockets has vegan apple pie and burgers! Can't get any more easy all-American than that! Supermarkets everywhere offer veggie dogs, soy cheese, and almond milk, just to name a few. Not to mention, unless your dinner is just a plate of meat, you pretty much eat vegan already if you think about it. Salads, veggies, beans, nuts, fruits, and tubers are all vegan. So it's not hard at all! That's the common misconception I'd like to see people let go of.

And again, if anyone wants to vote for Drew or order a super easy vegan starter kit or watch videos of animal treatment in farms, go to PETA.org.

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