The Great Hereafter



JOSH ROSENZWEIG 30 Years from Here 03 X390 | ADVOCATE.COMWhat did you learn about the 30 years of the epidemic that most surprised you?
I think I was surprised at how much of it I was actually a part of. I kind of forgot for a moment how I personally came of age in the early years of AIDS and how it has been an integral part of my life ever since. Working on this documentary and speaking with these people forced me to relive my own journey. And I think some of my personal experiences were unintentionally infused into the film. And I also realized how quickly this could all be forgotten and we have to keep fighting. It’s not over.

What do you hope people take away from the film?
I hope people are moved to take action again — in whatever way possible – large scale, small scale, it doesn’t matter. As Regan Hoffman, Editor in Chief of POZ magazine says, “we have the ability to prevent the spread of HIV.” So I want this film to jostle people out of complacency and get them to move their respective asses — until this is entirely eradicated. There is work to be done.

It must have been simultaneously draining and exhilarating to work on this project along side all the other original programming that here! TV is producing.

Well, it was definitely a group effort every step of the way. We had two great editors, Athena Maroulis and Keren Aronoff, working on it. Robbie Imes managed all the interviews, as well as overseeing the research end. Our awesome research coordinator Ryan Paul and, most of all, our general manager Eric Feldman kept it moving, on track, and constantly pushed to make it better. We love all our babies that come out of the here! TV factory, but this one, I think I can honestly say we are all very proud of.

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