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#27BiStories: Tell Us Something We Don't Know
August 29 2014 6:00 AM ET

#27BiStories: Tell Us Something We Don't Know

Eliel Cruz

We asked 27 bisexuals to tell us something about their relationship and sexuality that they'd like the general public to understand.

#27BiStories: Why a Bisexual's Sexual Orientation Is Still Important Even If They're in a Relationship
August 28 2014 11:00 AM ET

Yes, Being Bisexual Still Matters When In a Relationship

Eliel Cruz

If a bisexual person is in a relationship, why is it important they're still labeled as bisexual?

#27BiStories: When Did You Come Out? What Was The Response Like?
August 27 2014 8:00 AM ET

#27BiStories About Coming Out

Eliel Cruz

In their own words, bisexuals tell us what it was like to come out.

When Bisexual People Get Left Out of Marriage
August 26 2014 7:15 AM ET

When Bisexual People Get Left Out of Marriage

Eliel Cruz

Bisexuals have long been on the front lines for marriage equality yet get labeled as gay or lesbian.

#27BiStories: Appearing Straight, Appearing Gay, and Other Misconceptions Bi People Face
August 26 2014 6:00 AM ET

Appearing Straight, Gay, and Other Misconceptions

Eliel Cruz

We asked 27 bisexual people around the world, 'What's the biggest misconception you face about your current relationship?'

WATCH: Obamacare Opens Doors for Trans People, But Hurdles Still Exist
August 26 2014 5:00 AM ET

WATCH: What Obamacare Can Do For Trans People

Anna Gorman Kaiser Health News

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, transgender people like Devin Payne are able to obtain the health coverage they need. But obstacles to treatment endure.