U.K. bans gay party drug

Ketamine, which had been available by prescription, is banned in the United Kingdom.



The U.K.
government on Sunday banned all sales of the drug ketamine,
often taken as a party drug by gay men in the United Kingdom
and the United States, 365gay.com reports. The drug,
known in clubs as Special K or just as the letter K,
had been available in the U.K. with a prescription,
but it is now banned entirely in the country. It is not
available for human use in the United States but is used as
a veterinary anesthetic in the U.S. and abroad.

Ketamine, which
can come in a liquid or powder form, is a hallucinogen
chemically similar to PCP or “angel dust” that
commonly produces an out-of-body experience that lasts
for approximately one hour. High doses of the
medication can cause unconsciousness or coma. Ketamine also
is often used as a date rape drug because of its
anesthetic effects. (Advocate.com)

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