WATCH: 15 Marriage Proposals That Will Get You in the Mood for Love

Celebrate romance with these very creative and touching marriage proposals.



It's Valentine's Day and love is everywhere. And, in the case of these marriage proposals, love can pop out of nowhere, at any time, even while at a hockey game.

Let's kick off this day of romance by watching some heartfelt and creative marriage proposals. Whether it's through a flash mob, a touching speech, or in front of a pop diva, these proposals will warm your heart and get you into the Valentine spirit.


1. Shaun’s Surprise Proposal to Michael

The end of DOMA also brought about the end of a two-year separation for this binational couple, as Shaun popped the question to Michael in front of a few hundred of Shaun's coworkers.


2. Ann and Jackie's Glee-Inspired Wedding Proposal

This proposal features Glee's version of "Teenage Dream" complete with choreography and Warbler blazers.


3. Spencer's Home Depot Marriage Proposal

What Dustin thought was going to be a trip to Home Depot to help his roommate pick out some lighting turned into so much more as his boyfriend, Spencer, coordinated a flash mob of family and friends to help him pop the question.

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