August 20 2012 7:17 PM ET

Why Isn't He Texting You?

June 12 2012 11:32 AM ET

Are You Dateable?

OpEd Lesbians Like to Fuck Too
December 30 2011 12:13 AM ET

Op-ed: When Will Gay Men Shut Up And Listen?

Advocate Contributors

Lesbians and bisexual women have a different and complicated relationship to sex and relationships.

Brent Corrigan Bags It Up for Safe Sex Education
April 27 2010 5:00 PM ET

Brent Corrigan Bags It Up Editors

Porn star Brent Corrigan puts his early appearances in bareback films behind him and partners with D.C.–based STD prevention group FUK !T for a series of instructional videos on proper condom use.

CDC Syphilis on the Rise
November 16 2009 1:40 PM ET

CDC Syphilis on the Rise

Christopher Mangum

Syphilis rates have risen, and according to a new study by the CDC, men who have sex with men accounted for 63% of syphilis cases in 2008.