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Discover the Health section of The Advocate, where readers can find the latest news on medicine, fitness, mental and physical wellbeing, scientific developments, and diseases that affect the LGBT community. Read the most recent on gay health, AIDS and HIV news, pregnancy and sex from experts like doctors and researchers. Learn about news related to health insurance, statistics, changing laws and government policy, and tools that can be used in preventing and curing illnesses in the United States and beyond.

donors pledged $3.7 billion on Tuesday to the Global Fund
to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria, only half the
amount the body says it needs to meet its goals for
the next two years. The pledges, made just a week
before a United Nations summit focused on reducing world
poverty, disappointed aid groups.

September 08 2005 12:00 AM

A new federally
funded study of abstinence education programs shows that
the programs do not prevent teens from becoming sexually
active or affect condom use, The [Cleveland]
Plain Dealer reports. The only tangible impact
the programs have, according to the report, is reducing the
number of sexual partners and the number of sexual
encounters by young people who are already sexually

September 08 2005 12:00 AM

An HIV-positive
Utah man has filed a lawsuit against two doctors and a
Provo medical center after he was refused surgery for an
ulcerated toe because he is HIV-positive, the
Deseret Morning News reports. Daniel
Richardson of Spanish Fork, Utah, filed a civil rights
lawsuit against the doctors and HealthSouth Provo Surgical
Center after his surgery, which had been scheduled for

September 07 2005 12:00 AM

Chinese vice
health minister Wang Longde last week said that HIV
education and prevention efforts in the country must include
gay men if they are to be successful, Xinhua News
Agency reports. He said all levels of government must
recognize this at-risk population, noting that because
homosexuality is taboo in the nation, gay men often have sex
with other men secretly while also maintaining

September 07 2005 12:00 AM

Director Spike
Lee is one of eight directors who worked on All the
Invisible Children

, a movie showing out of competition at the
Venice Film Festival. The film consists of seven
shorts portraying the plight of children in different parts
of the world, including child soldiers and street

September 07 2005 12:00 AM

France plans a
tax on airline tickets next year to finance the global
struggle against poverty and diseases that are ravaging the
developing world, including AIDS, French president
Jacques Chirac announced this week. While the idea is
still being debated at the international level, France
wants to launch a pilot program to prove it could work. The
first funds would go first toward fighting AIDS,

September 03 2005 12:00 AM

Gilead Sciences
announced it is reducing the prices it charges developing
nations for its anti-HIV drugs Truvada and Viread. Through
its access program, Gilead sells the drugs at no
profit to a group of 97 developing countries. The
lower prices are possible, Gilead said, thanks to
increased economies of scale, a new factory in the Bahamas,
and manufacturing improvements that have lowered

September 03 2005 12:00 AM