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Discover the Health section of The Advocate, where readers can find the latest news on medicine, fitness, mental and physical wellbeing, scientific developments, and diseases that affect the LGBT community. Read the most recent on gay health, AIDS and HIV news, pregnancy and sex from experts like doctors and researchers. Learn about news related to health insurance, statistics, changing laws and government policy, and tools that can be used in preventing and curing illnesses in the United States and beyond.

The Maine
Department of Education has informed all district school
superintendents in the state that the curriculum offered by
the abstinence education group Heritage of Maine does
not meet the state’s minimum comprehensive sex
education requirements and cannot be the only sex
education program taught in Maine schools, the Portland
Press Herald
reports. In a two-page letter to

August 26 2005 12:00 AM

The Department of
Health and Human Services has suspended an
abstinence-education grant to the Silver Ring Thing program
amid worries that the organization uses tax dollars to
promote Christianity, The Washington Post reports.
HHS, in announcing that it is withholding a $75,000
grant from the organization, concluded that SRT
"includes both secular and religious components that are not

August 25 2005 12:00 AM

Tuesday in Geneva
the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and
Malaria announced it has provided 90,000 more people with
HIV treatment in the first six months of this year,
bringing the total number of HIV/AIDS patients the
fund treats up to 220,000. This 70% increase put the
fund ahead of its midyear targets. The Global Fund said it
hopes to provide treatment to 400,000 people by year's

August 25 2005 12:00 AM

A small clinical
trial of Panacos Pharmaceuticals’ experimental HIV
maturation inhibitor PA-457 showed the drug lowers HIV viral
loads by as much as 90%, the Boston Herald
reports. The drug works by blocking the formation of a
key protein HIV uses to assemble its outer coating.
Without the protein, the viral copies released from
infected immune system cells are unable to infect other

August 25 2005 12:00 AM

Entertainment Television, the Black AIDS Institute, Kaiser
Family Foundation, and the YWCA on Monday announced
the winners of the second annual Rap-It-Up/Black AIDS
Short Subject Film Competition. After reviewing more
than 200 screenplays, the judging committee unanimously
chose the screenplays Let's Talk and Multitude of
as winners of the competition.

August 24 2005 12:00 AM

The 18th annual
AIDS Walk Colorado, held Sunday in Denver, raised about
$800,000 for the Colorado AIDS Project, walk organizers told
the Rocky Mountain News. About 8,000 people
participated in the event. Danielle Corriveau, a CAP
spokeswoman, says the fund-raiser brought in about the
same amount of money as last year’s AIDS walk.

August 24 2005 12:00 AM

Jamaica has
started an advertising campaign to stop discrimination
against HIV-positive people, a problem that human rights
activists warn is undermining efforts to stop the
spread of the virus. Radio, television, newspapers,
and billboards will carry messages against
discrimination, said Faith Hamer, a health ministry
official. One message on posters to be plastered
throughout the island reads, "When you're

August 24 2005 12:00 AM