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Discover the Health section of The Advocate, where readers can find the latest news on medicine, fitness, mental and physical wellbeing, scientific developments, and diseases that affect the LGBT community. Read the most recent on gay health, AIDS and HIV news, pregnancy and sex from experts like doctors and researchers. Learn about news related to health insurance, statistics, changing laws and government policy, and tools that can be used in preventing and curing illnesses in the United States and beyond.

Men who are
circumcised might cut their risk of sexually acquired HIV
infection by as much as 70%, according to a new study by
researchers in France and South Africa, The Wall
Street Journal
reports. The study, which will
be presented at the Third International AIDS Society
Conference on HIV Pathogenesis and Treatment later this
month in Brazil, followed 3,000 HIV-negative

12:00 AM

A screening test
for prostate cancer taken by millions of men every year
is not terribly accurate, and not even the best result
ensures that a man is cancer-free, experts said
Tuesday. They found the standard prostate-specific
antigen, or PSA test, produces many false positives and
false negatives--meaning some men who think they do not have
cancer actually do, while others may undergo

July 07 2005 12:00 AM

Men who took
aspirin over five years slightly lowered their risk for
prostate cancer, but women who took low doses over 10 years
didn't reduce their risk of cancer, two separate
studies indicate.

July 07 2005 12:00 AM

Medicaid officials said Thursday that they'll work with the
state health department to keep providing life-sustaining
drugs for patients with HIV and AIDS. But a news
release from Medicaid offered few details, and the
program's spokesman was not available to answer
"There will be no interruption of the
1,600 HIV/AIDS patients receiving their customary drug

July 07 2005 12:00 AM

A federal panel
is recommending that all pregnant women, not just those
considered at high risk, be screened for HIV antibodies
because testing has proved so successful in helping to
prevent the spread of the disease to babies. The U.S.
Preventive Services Task Force said in 1996 that there
was insufficient evidence that screening all pregnant women
had any benefit. But the independent panel of medical

July 07 2005 12:00 AM

A leading group
of pediatricians says teenagers need access to birth
control and emergency contraception, not the abstinence-only
approach to sex education favored by religious groups
and President Bush. The recommendations are part of
the American Academy of Pediatrics’ updated
teen pregnancy policy.

July 07 2005 12:00 AM

Pfizer announced
Friday that it is abandoning development of an
experimental HIV therapy after two studies failed to show a
significant difference between its capravirine drug
and standard treatments for HIV. The pharmaceutical
company said capravirine did not significantly boost
the effectiveness of standard triple-drug anti-HIV therapies
in two mid-stage trials of patients who had failed to

July 07 2005 12:00 AM