Supreme Court Inches Closer to Marriage Decision
December 18 2014 4:35 PM ET

Supreme Court Inches Closer to Marriage Decision

Trudy Ring

In January, the justices will weigh whether to take up the Louisiana case, but Idaho's governor says his state offers the best vehicle for a marriage equality decision.

Idaho Gov. Sticks to Money-Wasting Defense of Antigay Marriage Law
November 01 2014 6:00 AM ET

Idaho Gov. Sticks to Expensive Defense of Marriage Ban

Sunnivie Brydum

Despite several court rulings and a decided victory in the court of public opinion, Idaho governor Butch Otter isn't willing to let marriage equality take hold in the Gem State.

Anatomy of a Right-Wing Fabrication: No Threat to Idaho Wedding Chapel
October 27 2014 2:22 PM ET

Anatomy of a Right-Wing Lie: No Threat to Wedding Chapel

Stevie St. John

The fear that the owners of an Idaho wedding chapel would be forced to host same-sex weddings is much ado about nothing.

Idaho Gov. Begs Court to Reverse 'Bad Law' of Marriage Equality
October 22 2014 2:45 PM ET

Idaho Gov. to Court: Reverse 'Bad Law' of Marriage Equality

Sunnivie Brydum

A unanimous decision from a federal appeals court bringing marriage equality to Idaho 'appears to be judicial policymaking masquerading as law,' according to the governor.

PHOTOS: Marriage Arrives in the Unlikely State of Idaho
October 18 2014 1:14 PM ET

PHOTOS: Marriage Arrives in the Unlikely State of Idaho

Neal Broverman

Lots of rings were exchanged this week in the gem state.

Amid Marriage Victories, Antigay Lawyer Grows Increasingly Desparate
October 18 2014 4:00 AM ET

Antigay Lawyer Monte Stewart Growing Increasingly Desperate

Matt Baume

A history of questionable attitudes toward gay and lesbian couples has culminated in a desperate last-ditch attempt by attorney Monte Stewart to keep marriage from starting in Idaho.

Meet 17 Winners And 14 Losers From Marriage Equality's Huge Week
October 15 2014 3:23 PM ET

17 Winners And Losers from Marriage Equality's Huge Week

Matt Baume

Several states have won the freedom to marry in just the last few days. That means plenty to celebrate for same-sex couples and their allies — and plenty to lament for those who oppose equality.

Idaho Couples Can Marry Wednesday
October 13 2014 3:47 PM ET

Idaho Couples Can Marry Wednesday

Sunnivie Brydum

The freedom to marry will finally arrive in Idaho on Wednesday, according to an order from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Supreme Court Denies Stay on Idaho Marriage Equality
October 10 2014 5:11 PM ET October 10 2014 8:12 PM ET

BREAKING: Supreme Court Denies Stay on Idaho Marriage

Sunnivie Brydum

It's unclear whether same-sex couples can currently marry in Idaho.

4 Best Defenses of Right to Marry From Ninth Circuit Victories
October 09 2014 7:00 AM ET

4 Best Defenses of Right to Marry From Idaho, Nevada Rulings

Matt Baume

The Ninth Circuit flatly rejected arguments that legal same-sex marriage will prompt opposite-sex couples to fall into 'sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll.'

Supreme Court Puts Idaho and Nevada Marriages On Hold
October 08 2014 10:55 AM ET October 08 2014 3:12 PM ET

Supreme Court Puts Idaho Marriages On Hold

Sunnivie Brydum

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy granted Idaho's request for a stay on yesterday's order striking down the state's marriage ban, as attorneys for the state's Republican leadership prepare to appeal.

Federal Court Strikes Down Idaho and Nevada Marriage Bans
October 07 2014 3:51 PM ET

Federal Court Strikes Down Idaho, Nevada Marriage Bans

Michelle Garcia and Lucas Grindley

Tuesday's ruling by the Ninth Circuit could have implications in three more states.