Enda Kenny, the Irish prime minister, met up with President Trump at a St. Patrick's Day ceremony and reminded him that the Irish were among the many immigrants that made (make) America great.

March 17 2017 9:23 PM

The congressman says his message was not racist and has support from fellow Republicans — some of whom say not so.

March 17 2017 6:00 PM Updated

A federal judge in Hawaii today blocked enforcement of the ban nationwide.

March 15 2017 7:47 PM Updated

Imagine being a lesbian in Syria or a trans person in Libya, and trying to escape to America. Then picture Donald Trump slamming the door in your face.

March 15 2017 5:33 AM

We found craziness aplenty in reading far-right "news" sites so you don't have to.

March 14 2017 7:03 AM

Rep. Ted Lieu, who was born in Taiwan, replied to the Iowa congressman's remark about "somebody else's babies" with a photograph of his children, captioned: "These are my two babies."

March 13 2017 4:34 PM

A man in Texas is hoping to be reunited with his partner from Iran in three months.

March 09 2017 9:22 PM