It Gets Better
Founded by Dan Savage and his husband Terry Miller, the It Gets Better Project is a viral video campaign that strives to reach out to troubled youth. Boasting more than 50 million views over 50,000 videos, the It Gets Better Project was created in responses to suicides among LGBT teenagers, including Billy Lucas, Tyler Clementi, Seth Walsh, and Asher Brown, who experienced bullying and social ostracization due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. Many celebrities and public figures have lent their voices to the campaign, such as Barack Obama, Justin Bieber, and Ellen DeGeneres. Contributions benefit GLSEN and The Trevor Project.
WATCH: New 'It Gets Better' Campaign Aimed at Russian LGBT Youth
December 05 2013 6:33 PM ET

WATCH: It Gets Better Speaks to Russian LGBT Youth

Jase Peeples

The organization that has brought hope to millions of LGBT people around the world responds to Russia’s antigay laws with a new campaign.

Christians Voice LGBT Support in NALT Project Video Series
September 25 2013 4:21 PM ET

Christians Voice LGBT Support in NALT Project Video Series

Nicholas Cimarusti

To counter the assumption that all Christians are against LGBT rights, The NALT Christians Project shows videos in which Christians proclaim "We're not all like that!"