Cathy Brennan Sues AfterEllen for Defamation
August 31 2015 3:01 PM ET

Lesbian Attorney Sues AfterEllen for Defamation

Radical feminist activist, blogger, and attorney Cathy Brennan claims a San Francisco writer 'maligned' her in an online post about MichFest, lesbians, and trans women.

'Relentlessly Gay' Yard Donations to Be Returned After Hoax Allegations

Was 'Relentlessly Gay' Complaint a Hoax?

A woman who raised $43,000 after claiming she found a note saying her yard is "relentlessly gay" says she will return the donations after hoax allegations.

Same-Sex Couples In Maryland Now Have 'Divorce Equality'

'Divorce Equality' Declared Legal In Maryland

Gays and lesbians who cheat on their spouses now can be sued for divorce for committing adultery.

'Relentlessly Gay' Fundraiser Surpasses $43K, Homeowner 'Speechless and Awed'
June 22 2015 4:17 PM ET

'Relentlessly Gay' Fundraiser Surpasses $43,000!

A woman targeted for her rainbow-themed yard decorations says she is 'flabbergasted, in shock and also a wee bit terrified' at the overwhelming show of support.

Woman Threatened by Christian Neighbor for 'Relentlessly Gay' Rainbow Lights Won't Take the Hate
July 20 2015 5:26 PM ET

Woman Fights Haters of Her 'Relentlessly Gay' Home

A Baltimore-area widow who received an anonymous note condemning her yard decorations is fighting hate with humor.

Maryland DJ Allegedly Discriminated Against Gay Men
June 16 2015 8:33 AM ET

Complaint Filed: DJ Won't Spin Tunes for Gays

The owner of the business claims a religious objection and says he was unaware of the state's antidiscrimination law, on the books for 14 years.

Conservative Commentator's Tasteless, Transphobic Tweet

This Is The Meanest Tweet You'll Read Today

When Bill Kristol poked fun at Martin O'Malley's support for transgender Americans on twitter, his followers poked back, with derision and disgust.

Is Marriage Equality Pioneer Martin O'Malley The Anti-Hillary Candidate for President?
May 30 2015 3:16 PM ET

O'Malley Highlights LGBT Record in Run For White House

The former governor and early proponent of same sex marriage is challenging Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.

Baltimore Trans Woman Arrested During Riots, Held in Men's Cell
July 20 2015 5:35 PM ET

Baltimore Trans Woman Arrested During Riots, Held With Men

Deairra Venable was allegedly harassed by police, forced to wear a revealing shirt, required to pay an outsized bail amount, and is currently being denied medically necessary healthcare.

Maryland to Provide Transition Care to Trans State Employees

Good News for Transgender State Employees in Md.

Just months after the passage of sweeping, statewide nondiscrimination statute protecting transgender people, Maryland announces that trans state employees will no longer face discrimination in insurance.

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