Victim Number 18: Another Trans Woman Murdered in Kansas City

Victim #18: Another Missouri Trans Woman Murdered

Kansas City police confirm to The Advocate that Jasmine Collins, a 32-year-old trans woman, was murdered in June and that a suspect has been arrested.

Victim Number 17: Trans Woman of Color Murdered in Missouri

Victim Number 17: Another Trans Woman Murdered

Police in Kansas City are searching for the driver who struck and then repeatedly ran over the Latina trans woman with an SUV.

Conservative Candidate for Missouri Governor Bob Dixon Comes Out As Ex-Gay

The 'Ex-Gay' Candidate for Missouri Governor

Missouri state senator and gubernatorial candidate Bob Dixon says being abused as a child turned him gay for five years.

Missouri County Rethinks Decision In Flag Flap Over Marriage Equality

Star-Spangled Protest of Marriage Equality Quickly Fizzles

County leaders now say they'll rescind an order to lower U.S. flags to half-staff in protest of the Supreme Court ruling.

Missouri County Votes to Lower Flag to Mourn Marriage Equality

Marriage Ruling Whips-Up Flag Flap in Missouri 

Dent County will fly the flag at half-staff over public buildings the 26th of each month for the next year to protest what a county official calls a 'despicable' ruling.

Missouri Governor Orders State Agencies to Embrace Marriage Equality
July 09 2015 12:13 AM ET

Missouri Gov. Orders Compliance With SCOTUS Ruling

In addition to issuing his executive order, Gov. Jay Nixon called on the legislature to pass a nondiscrimination bill to protect LGBT residents.

PHOTOS: Everything's LGBT in Kansas City

PHOTOS: Everything's LGBT in Kansas City

Missouri Bill Would Fire Clerks for Issuing Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

License Clerks Targeted by Anti-Marriage Equality Bill

A Republican lawmaker has a plan to stop marriage equality in Missouri, by making it legal to fire clerks who issue same-sex marriage licenses.

Meet America's Transphobic 'Bathroom Cops'

Meet America's Newest 'Bathroom Cops'

Trans? Need to use the bathroom? Not if the potty police in these six states have anything to do about it!

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