Our top 10 entertainment and events highlights this week include the Queer Art Expo, hot doctors, wild and crazy Roosevelts, and Jason Gould and his mom.

September 12 2014 5:57 PM

The songstress is joined by drag divas Hedda Lettuce, Paige Turner, and Ivy Winters in her classy and sassy new music video, 'Trouble in Paradise.'

September 12 2014 1:41 PM

A new generation discovers the inspiring disco queen’s story.

September 12 2014 9:00 AM

Bob Crewe was the gay mega-talent composer and producer behind the Four Seasons. We learned today that he died, and so we re-present this article highlighting much of his work.

September 11 2014 4:47 PM

Panic! at the Disco front man Brendon Urie on battling the Westboro Baptist Church and celebrating his sexual fluidity.

September 05 2014 11:05 AM

In a recent interview, out singer Sam Smith revealed he isn’t interested in becoming a spokesperson for the LGBT population.

September 04 2014 3:34 PM

Jesse Helt should be lauded for shining a spotlight on the plight of homelessness in Los Angeles at the VMAs, rather than castigated for crimes linked to the harsh realities faced by homeless people.

September 02 2014 7:00 AM

David LeCoers told Spears her music helped him stave off a suicide attempt — and she makes his day with a personal letter to him.

September 01 2014 1:06 PM

Michael Sam's high-selling jersey made its way to a One Direction concert this week.

August 29 2014 11:58 AM

Welcome to an era when LGBT artists have throngs of fans, and no one bats an eye.

August 29 2014 8:00 AM