McAuliffe, Christie Win Governors' Races
November 05 2013 9:50 PM ET

McAuliffe, Christie Win Governors' Races

Trudy Ring

LGBT issues figured in both closely watched elections.

WATCH: Jon Stewart Celebrates Marriage Equality in 'The Newark Normal'
October 22 2013 12:08 PM ET

WATCH: Jon Stewart on Marriage Equality in 'Newark Normal'

Sunnivie Brydum

The Daily Show anchor celebrated the arrival of marriage equality in his home state with characteristic snark.

WATCH: Cory Booker Shuts Down Religious Heckler at Gay Marriage
October 21 2013 12:11 PM ET

WATCH: Cory Booker Shuts Down Heckler at Gay Marriage 

Sunnivie Brydum

The Newark mayor doesn't think religious-based opposition to one gay couple's marriage counts as a 'substantive, worthy objection.'

WEDDING DAY IN NEW JERSEY: Cory Booker Hosts Happiness, History
October 21 2013 3:41 AM ET October 21 2013 10:10 PM ET

Gov. Christie Drops Appeal, N.J. Marriage Equality Permanent

Lucas Grindley

As midnight arrived in New Jersey, so did marriage equality, making it the 14th state.

BREAKING: Marriages Monday in New Jersey!
October 18 2013 1:02 PM ET

New Jersey: One More State Goes for Marriage Equality

Trudy Ring

The New Jersey Supreme Court declines to delay an order for same-sex marriages to begin in the Garden State.

Maddow to New N.J. Sen. Booker: 'Fun Times Await You'
October 17 2013 1:56 PM ET

Maddow to New N.J. Sen. Booker: 'Fun Times Await You'

Sunnivie Brydum

Newark Mayor Cory Booker will be the next U.S. Senator from New Jersey.

New Jersey Court Refuses Stay on Marriage Ruling
October 10 2013 4:24 PM ET October 11 2013 5:35 PM ET

Christie Files 'Emergency' Petition to Stop N.J. Marriage Equality

Sunnivie Brydum

Republican governor Chris Christie filed an emergency appeal with the New Jersey Supreme Court Thursday, asking the court to delay the start of marriage equality until his appeal in an ongoing state court challenge is resolved. If the Supreme Court denies Christie's request, same-sex marriages could begin October 21.

WATCH: Christie's Opponent Supports Marriage Equality
October 04 2013 2:11 PM ET

WATCH: Christie's Opponent Supports Marriage Equality

Nicholas Cimarusti

A new ad for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's Democratic opponent, Barbara Buono, doubles as an endorsement for marriage equality.

WATCH: Chris Christie Isn't a Bully, Still Doesn't Believe in Marriage Equality
September 30 2013 11:35 AM ET

WATCH: Chris Christie Says He Isn't a Bully

Sunnivie Brydum

The New Jersey governor sat down with CBS for a wide-ranging interview ahead of an expected 2016 presidential bid.