June July 2016
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AIDS Foundation of Chicago launches new AIDS awareness campaign (11069)

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AIDS Foundation of Chicago launches new AIDS awareness campaign

The AIDS Foundation of Chicago on Tuesday launched a new AIDS awareness campaign that aims to remind city residents that HIV infections are on the rise and that AIDS has not gone away. The campaign, titled "AIDS: A Tragic Trend," features three ads showing fashion models wearing clothing and accessories with the word AIDS on their labels and a tagline that reads, "When will it go out of style?"

"Too many people mistakenly and tragically believe that AIDS is under control and not their problem," said Shawna Delaney Ross of the advertising firm Chicago Creative Partnership, which designed the campaign free of charge for AFC. "Because of the growing complacency about the epidemic, we felt that the best way to renew attention to AIDS was with a bold statement. The fashion motif lures in viewers and then provides a serious, unanticipated message that we hope will catch them off guard and get them thinking." The ads can be seen on AFC's Web site at www.aidschicago.org.


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