Schumer starts TV campaign; O'Grady out with gay wedding spot

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October 05 2004 12:00 AM ET

U.S. senator Charles Schumer of New York hit the airwaves Monday with the first TV ad of his front-running reelection effort even as one challenger began her own spot portraying the Democratic incumbent and another challenger atop a gay marriage wedding cake.

Citing the support offered by Schumer and Republican challenger Howard Mills for gay civil unions and abortion rights, Conservative Party contender Marilyn O'Grady's TV spot featured male figurines representing the two men atop the cake. "Schumer and Mills, the perfect liberal couple," the ad from the Long Island ophthalmologist states. "Only conservative Marilyn O'Grady stands with President Bush to defend marriage and protect the unborn," the 30-second spot adds.

While the O'Grady ad is only airing on reasonably inexpensive Fox cable stations in parts of New York, the Schumer ad is being played on regular broadcast stations across the state, including in the expensive New York City market, aides said. The 30-second Schumer spot marks the first time this year the first-term senator has tapped into his $26 million war chest--the largest of any election-bound senator--to go on TV with an ad. In his successful 1998 campaign to oust Republican incumbent Alfonse D'Amato, Schumer was already heavily into TV advertising by a similar point in the race.

Schumer campaign spokesman Stu Loeser declined to comment on the O'Grady ad. "This is an interesting press stunt by a minor party candidate who has no money to run ads," said Mills campaign spokeswoman Caroline Quartararo.

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